Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam

Mahaweli Development Project

This is a wonderful location with an amazing view. You can reach here via Kandy- Mahiyanganaya road(A26). There has an Observation Centre that shows the history of it’s construction, including models and rock types excavated. The scene of the dam and it’s lake is very calming and it is a biggest hydropower project in Sri Lanka.

The Victoria Dam was created under the Mahaweli Development Project, a major international hydroelectric project during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Victoria dam isn’t an ordinary dam it is filled with awesome things so beautiful to be in that place, a place where we can get relaxed,cool,chill and have fun. Also you can walk or drive over the dam road, it is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy.

District : kandy

City : Teldeniya

Type : Dam

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