Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range

Dumbara Hills

Knuckles also called Dumbara mountain range is located off Kandy, at the northern end of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. To the south and east of the mountain range is Mahaweli river basin while to the west are Matale plains.

The dense forest, surrounded by 34 mystical mountains that range from 900 to 2,000 metres, is home to stunning hiking trails. With cascading waterfalls in every clearing, quaint villages hidden amid the mountains, many a terraced rice fields as well as numerous rare and elusive animals, this 234-square-kilometre range displays the best of Sri Lanka’s diverse natural beauty.

Knuckles range is one of the loveliest nature attractions of Sri Lanka. The changing terrain of grasslands, rugged mountain peaks interspersed with streams and cascading waterfalls make Knuckles mountain range that covers an area of 18512 hectares the trekker’s paradise.


District : kandy

City : Hunnasiriya

Type : Mountain

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